Meet Nikki

Age: 30

Job: Kindergarten Teacher

Hobbies: Paddle boarding, socializing, snowboarding, animals, floating the river, traveling, games, camping

Why Nikki would make a great Mom (written by Garrett)...

  • She is loving

  • She is super caring

  • She is very thoughtful

  • She is great with kids

  • She is funny and  fun to be around

  • She goes with the flow

  • She is adventurous

  • She is nurturing

  • She is the bravest and strongest person I know

How others describe Nikki…

“When playing a game, I had to think of one word to describe our friendship. One word instantly popped into my head- Amazing! I think I thought of this word because there is nothing ordinary about Nikki. She truly is a one of a kind, amazing friend that I can always count on to be there for me, give me a good laugh, and the perfect yin to my yang.” -Friend

“Energetic, fun-loving, brave, blessed” -Mom

“When Nikki is in the house there is a comforting noise, that can and cannot be heard. It is a warm energy that makes you smile and is all encompassing. It is what makes a house a home.” -Dad

“Fiercely loyal, free spirited, tough on the outside, soft as a chinchilla on the inside”- Friend/Co-Worker

“Fun, loving, energetic and persistent” -Brother

“Warmhearted, loyal, compassionate, honest, brave, loving, God mother. Nikki is who I trust most in the world to love my daughter and raise her, should something ever happen to my husband and I.” -Cousin

“Nikki lights up the room with her presence. She is loyal and loves wholeheartedly. She is naturally nurturing and someone I can always count on.” -Friend

"Nikki has a magnetic energy that pulls all around her close. She makes everyone feel as though they are enveloped in a huge invisible hug. Her sense of loyalty and thoughtfulness along with her sparkle of the whimsical combine to make her so very incredibly warmhearted and fun loving." -Friend/Co-Worker

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