Meet Garrett

Age: 29

Job: Supply Chain Specialist

Hobbies: golf, bike rides, going to the gym, cooking/barbecuing, camping, snowboarding, card games, anything and everything sports

Why Garrett would make a great Dad (written by Nikki)

  •  He is selfless, always putting others first       

  • He is protective

  • He is hard working, always providing for his family

  • He is SO much fun to be around! His smile is contagious.

  • He makes you feel important and listened to

  • He is reliable

  • He is responsible

  • He is loving and genuine

  • He is someone you want on your team        

How Others Describe Garrett. . .

“Kind, loving, trustworthy, honest” -Friend

“Garrett is family oriented, dedicated to upholding important traditions while enthusiastically creating new memories. His focused determination doesn’t waiver, but adapts as life serves challenging seasons.” -Aunt

“Easy going, fun, loving, protective, thoughtful, helpful” -Friend

“Garrett is amazing. He is smart, principled, quick witted, cuddly, logical, focused, and a good person. Thinking of him makes us smile.” -Mom and Dad

“Determined, hard-working, loyal” -Brother

“Smart, funny, kind, loving, kind of a pill, animal loving” -Sister

“Garrett is tall. He takes hikes with me, mommy and Carlos. He likes to come over and pick me up and have fun!” -God Daughter

"Garrett is one of the most genuine and considerate people I have ever met. Always willing to share his time or lend a helping hand, even to those he doesn't know. Nearly two decades together and things haven't changed. He's always there when you need him. A true friend that I am proud to call the brother that I never had."


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