Letter to Expectant Mother

Dear expectant Mother,

We just wanted to start this letter off by saying thank you for taking the time to look through our profile. We know your time is precious. We truly appreciate you making time to see what our family is all about. As we write this we can only imagine how overwhelming, stressful and emotional this time is for you. Without even having a face or name to you we can honestly say you must be one the bravest, selfless and strongest women out there. We hope our portfolio was a comforting read for you and even possibly gave you a well deserved peace of mind. We will never truly understand what you are going through at this moment, but we sincerely hope we are a bright spot on what may feel like a very dark/scary time. We are new to this too. We are going to be first time parents and that is nerve wracking to say the least! But the thing that brings us comfort, and hope brings you comfort, is that we are ready. We are ready for this and all that it brings. We are stronger than ever, we are excited, we are in this wholeheartedly. Life is crazy, and will bring all sorts of ups and downs but we can handle it. We will be there for all the ups, cheering the loudest and celebrating! And we will be there for all the downs, kissing scraped knees, wiping tears when hearts get hurt. We will be that stable, loving, reliable, comforting, unwavering constant. Our arms and hearts are open. Our family and friends' arms and hearts are open too. The support system that would surround this child is out of this world. Like we shared in our portfolio, there is never a shortage of love and laughter in this family. And that is something worth sharing.

We wish you nothing but happiness and the best. Thank you again and we hope to hear from you soon.


Garrett and Nikki

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